Studying at William Blue will open the door to an extraordinary international career. You can choose from both higher education degrees and vocational diplomas, with courses in hospitality, event management, tourism and commercial cookery.

We offer a highly practical and innovative hospitality management education, with all courses on campus including work placement with the over 80 global industry partners we work with. Our students are work ready upon graduation, and are highly sought after: employers regularly come to us looking for future leaders to hire.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear directly from some of our hospitality students about the exciting places their careers have taken them since they graduated.

Samantha Hendriks | Current Student, Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management)

"Upon graduation, my goal will be to open my own café, or manage a hotel. Completing this degree will help me achieve my goals and aspirations. As a student, you always have someone to help guide and support you. The student community is extremely important! Studying with your classmates allows you to excel academically. You are able to understand the course content easily, and are exposed to numerous opinions. Lecturers are a great resource. They have helped me through some roadblocks. I am now succeeding and believing in myself."

Operations Executive at Brand Events

Deciding to study at William Blue was a no-brainer for Deborah once she made an enquiry through the website. Deborah kicked off her studies with an Advanced Diploma of Hospitality where she fell in love with Event Management – and the group of people in her class. Now completing her Bachelor of Business at William Blue, Deborah jumped at the opportunity last year to complete her internship as an Operations Executive with Brand Events.

‘I picked William Blue because the staff were really helpful, the college recognised my previous study, the coursework load seemed fair, and I liked the idea of lots of hands-on experience through industry placement. After I enquired, I got a call the next day asking me to come in to check out the college and see what they have to offer. The William Blue staff were amazing! They guided me through the process and explained how the course works. Compared to other places, the staff had so many industry contacts and I could see there was a lot of opportunity. I jumped at the opportunity last year to complete my internship as an Operations Executive with Brand Events. This role placed me on the Taste of Sydney project – Sydney’s annual fine-food and restaurant festival that involves demonstrations by tops chefs and attracts around 45,000 people over three days!’

Organisational Systems Manager at Urban Purveyor Group

Adam Skinner has embarked on an extremely successful career in the IT industry in relation to hospitality since his graduation from William Blue. His experiences at the college and the knowledge gained from his qualifications have helped him undertake a number of exciting projects at high-level companies, and have given him the skills set and confidence he needs to grow his career even further.

“After leaving William Blue in 2003, I have held many positions in the IT industry that are closely linked to the hospitality industry. I have worked at Castle Hill Tavern as a Systems Manager, and I also worked at H&L Australia (Australia’s largest provider of IT services to the hospitality and retail industries) as a Project Manager. Within 6 months I had become the NSW/ACT State Manager and quickly turned around the business. I found that by having a deep understanding of the hospitality industry, gained from William Blue, I was able to provide a high level of attention and service to clients’ needs.

In 2011 I joined the Urban Purveyor Group (formerly known as the Bavarian Hospitality Group – the owners and operators of 17 iconic venues including Bavarian Bier Cafés, Argyle, Lowenbrau Keller, Sake Restaurant, The Cut Bar & Grill and Ananas; as well as a large commissary kitchen; and a beverage importation business known as Urban Beverages) as their Organisational Systems Manager. During my time at UPG so far, I have revolutionised a lot of technology throughout the group, such as automation of traditionally manual processes, introduced new technology like tablets as order taking devices and introduced new app technology like mobile payment solutions.

I like my job as it is still closely aligned to the hospitality industry, but is in a completely new and interesting field. At the time of choosing a college, I picked William Blue because it was well known and respected in the industry. I think my favourite thing about my time at the college was the experience of being part of a college that houses some of the upcoming hospitality stars – a lot of graduates in my year have gone on to do huge things in the hospitality industry. The face that the college values their students’ futures is core to my experience. I have forged some life-long friendships and networking through William Blue. I try to attend all the alumni functions to keep in contact with what is happening in the college and find out about upcoming hospitality stars.”

Bethany Shaw | 2015 Graduate,

Take advantage of every opportunity you can.

Studying cookery has been a long-term goal for Bethany Shaw. Being able to do this with a partial scholarship at William Blue has made it all that much easier to help achieve her dreams and settle into college life. Her career ambitions of becoming a chef is one that the Advanced Diploma is helping her to realise and Bethany is looking forward to her future Industry Placement as part of her course. She also values the industry connections that studying at William Blue exposes her to.

“We are given opportunity after opportunity to get out in the industry and meet our idols and work with them. Not to mention all our lecturers are from the industry themselves, giving us first-hand information and knowledge.”

The flexibility that William Blue offers its students in terms of studying is beneficial to Bethany, who has a long commute to college and therefore can’t always make it in. “I study both online and on campus. This flexible learning is really helpful in my life: having the flexibility of online study makes my life a lot easier,” she says. These blended study options will also come in useful when Bethany is working part-time or doing her Industry Placement, as it allows for studying around work, without losing any of the learning benefits.

Bethany has already gotten involved with college life and helped out at events, all of which adds to her experience at William Blue and also to her CV. She is a strong advocate of William Blue and urges all other students to pursue their dreams at a place where they feel comfortable.

“William Blue is helping me not only build foundations for my dreams and goals, but it’s helping me achieve them.”

Kassandra Ellis | 2008 Graduate,

Regional Human Resources Coordinator (Australasia) at Hilton Worldwide

After graduating from William Blue, Kassandra moved overseas to London for two years to work and travel around Europe. She began working as a recruiter with Hilton Worldwide, and was recruiting front-line positions for 11 Hilton properties in London. When the time came to return home, Kassandra was able to transfer back to Sydney into her current role today, as Regional Human Resources Assistant for Australasia.

“I enjoy the variety of this position, every day is different and there is always something new happening in one of our 12 Australasian properties. I also love the fact that by working for the most recognised hotel chain in the world, I have access to so many career opportunities internationally. My role involves assisting the Regional HR Director with the Strategic HR Management of the region. This means a lot of project work and planning! From coordinating training programs, consolidating reports or developing new recruitment collateral, I’m always learning and working on something new.

When I started looking into hospitality as a career I wasn’t sure which area of the Industry I wanted to work in. I chose William Blue because I liked the variety that the college offered. The course covered so many different areas, and offered practical on-the-job training as well, so it was the best option for me. I also liked the independence of living off campus, and having the flexibility to work while I studied. The college encourages you to gain industry experience, and the Careers Adviser helped me to get my first job in hotels as a Banquets waiter.

At the time of my Industry Placement, Star City (now The Star) partnered with William Blue and offered a Scholarship Traineeship Program, which I was lucky enough to be chosen for. I spent six months cross training in all hotel departments, and at the end of the placement I moved into a Casual Front Office Agent role to support my studies. I really enjoyed the practical classes in the kitchen and restaurant. The training restaurant really improved my confidence for service and working with friends was a lot of fun. Also, the excursions were great, particularly our trip to Hunter Valley to visit the wine regions for our Beverages class.

In 5-10 years I see myself working as a HR Director, hopefully with Hilton Worldwide. Ideally I’d like to stay in Sydney but who knows where I could end up! My advice would be to work while you study. Experience is crucial for developing your career in Hospitality. Everyone has to start at the bottom but it doesn’t take long to move up if you put in the hard work.”

Where will William Blue take you?

In a roundabout way, it was allergies that led Alex to a career in the kitchen. Alex was seeing a naturopath during her final year at high school and developed a strong understanding of what foods and lifestyle choices were good for the body.

Alex later moved on to studying International Relations because the entrance score for Nutrition – the course she actually wanted to study – was too high. After a short period at uni, Alex deferred her place.

“I made the decision to defer to keep my options open, but I knew in my heart that I wouldn’t go back. I didn’t feel like myself at uni as I wasn’t expressing my creative ability.”

One plus to studying at uni was Alex’s part-time job at a cafe. The chef there showed her how to be passionate about cooking and serving food for customers. She says she fell in love with the energy of the kitchen and making people happy. There was an element of fulfillment in hospitality that became the basis for her future passion for food.

Alex heard about William Blue College of Hospitality Management through a friend who told her it had a great reputation and would lead her to many different opportunities. Alex rang the school and asked a few questions. She had only worked in a cafe and was still ambivalent about committing to a new course of study.

It turned about to be a great decision. The study experience was rewarding and enriched her passion for food.

Studying at William Blue led to work with ARIA Catering at venues like the Sydney Opera House, as well as the opportunity to work one-on-one with celebrity chef and restaurateur Matt Moran. She was also able to work with Moran on several other occasions.

Later, Alex was able to undertake an industry placement at a Michelin-starred restaurant at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni at Lake Como, Italy. Alex worked in the pastry kitchen and also worked in depth on cold ladder and pasta. Alex says she learned so much there and managed to handle the added challenge of learning Italian too.

Alex returned to a job offer at Chiswick at the Gallery, the restaurant of the Art Gallery of NSW, as Chef de Partie. She soon moved on to work in as Sous Chef at the luxurious Tivoli Lodge in Davos, Switzerland.

Gwangho 'Sid' Choi | Current Student, Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management)

From William Blue to Masterchef Winner.

Sid isn’t your ordinary William Blue student (not that there’s any such thing). Sid returned to study at William Blue after winning Masterchef Korea in 2014.

He initially graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Hospitality, specialising in Commercial Cookery and earned his stripes in the William Blue Dining kitchen. Following his TV success, he decided to return to William Blue to continue his education with a bachelor degree.

“Studying in Australia at William Blue changed my life. It can change yours too. It will open doors that you cannot imagine even exist right now.”

As a Korean native, Sid needed to improve his English skills to study in Sydney. He attended the Think:CLASS sessions at the North Sydney campus before beginning his studies at William Blue. This helped him move through the course and learn in the William Blue Dining kitchen.

Sid still works at William Blue Dining two days a week while finishing his bachelor degree. His place enriches the student community of the college, as he shares his experiences cooking in Korea as well as on television.

Sid hopes to be CEO of his own brand in Korea.

Concierge at The Menzies

“I have worked at numerous hospitality events, met some wonderful industry contacts and attended many functions representing William Blue. I feel honoured to be part of such an amazing college environment. Without my William Blue scholarship I wouldn’t have the skills, experience and knowledge that have positioned me where I am today.”