5 Tips To Avoid Being Overwhelmed On Open Day

5 Tips To Avoid Being Overwhelmed On Open Day

Open Day season is upon us and this is an exciting time for many people moving on to university to study in Australia.

However, attending an Open Day can be a tad overwhelming. At William Blue College of Hospitality Management, we have prepared a few tips to help you get the most out of an Open Day.

Just arm yourself with the following and you will sail through your Open Day plans like a pro!

1. Think about the logistics

Open Days are generally held on campus. Why not have a go at traveling to the Open Day in the form of transport you would most likely have to use? For example, William Blue is conveniently located in The Rocks, just a short walk from Circular Quay station. Train or bus might be the easiest way for you to arrive at university, so try out the travel method as part of the day to answer questions like “How long it will take me to commute?” or even “How do I top up my opal card?”

2. Do your research

In order to make an informed choice, you need all the information. While there are many people at Open Day who can answer questions, you want to use your time wisely. Skimming through the website before attending the Open Day is a good start. You will find plenty of information on the courses and what it is like studying with us. Once that is done, ask yourself what would like a little more insight on? When you arrive on the day you might be handed a map or a guide around the campus which will generally indicate where you can get your sought-after information. Once you have checked the big questions off your list then you are free to enjoy all of the activities, activations, and demonstrations happening on campus.

5 Tips To Avoid Being Overwhelmed On Open Day

3. Talk to the right people

Aside from getting the course information from the amazing lectures, there might be other insights you want to gather. For example, if you are interested in studying culinary management you might want to speak to an Alumni (graduate) about their experience of the course. You can ask them about careers in hospitality, hospitality training in Australia, how to become a chef and chef career options. These experienced and friendly Alumni have been asked to attend Open Day to provide you with exactly this information so to take advantage of this great opportunity.

4. Ask yourself “What is important to me?”

Of course, getting the best quality education is going to be at the top of the list. But what else do you want this time of your life to provide for you? Great friendships, industry experience, social life, study support, maybe even living out of home for the first time? Reflect on what you would like the next few years to look like. When you arrive at Open Day take on board all the activities and demonstrations; these will give you a great sense of the overall experience. At William Blue Open Day you might see teachers interacting with current students as they provide a cooking demonstration, you might see information about social events at surrounding bars or venues, or study groups for learning support. As you walk through you can assess if the facilities are all up to date or find out if there are opportunities to travel as part of your industry placement. While there are loads of facts to gather, you also need to make sure you “get that feeling”  and Open Day is designed to get you excited about your future.

5 Tips To Avoid Being Overwhelmed On Open Day

5. Learn how the application process works

So you have been to Open Day, you asked all of your questions, you know that studying in such a thriving and active location will suit you perfectly and you are excited to learn from the best the industry has to offer. All that is left now is to apply. Applying for William Blue College of Hospitality Management is a fully supported process. After you submit an application online, a Course and Career advisor will call you to chat about your plans and answer any questions you still might have. If you are successful you will receive a Letter of Offer, which you can accept online. If you have any questions about this process, feel free to contact us or you can discuss the application process with any of the Course and Career Advisors who with be there on Open Day.

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