A Course With Endless Options – Alex Rahmè – Culinary Management Graduate

5:20 am – Rise and shine

6:00 am – Trains Client

7:00 am – Trains Client

8:00 am – Trains Client

9:00 am – Trains herself

10:00 am – Heads home, write up training programs, develops nutrition plans and tests recipes.

5:00 pm – Trains Client

6:00 pm – Trains Client

7:00 pm – Trains Client


…That is one long day!

 But for our William Blue College of Hospitality graduate Alex Rahmè, that’s the norm.

You may find it strange that this particular Alumni has found herself in the gym as a result of a studying culinary management, however, if you listen to her story like we did, it actually makes perfect sense.  

After spending time in the Swiss Alps having started the journey of a professional & international chef, there was a shift for Alex. She discusses this moment with us in the video at the bottom of this article. She tells us of the time where she realised that even though her career as a chef (which she loved) was taking her all around the world, potentially the kitchen wasn’t enough for her. At the same time, she wasn’t willing to give it up on whim. This “rock and a hard place” is not a foreign feeling for anyone coming to a crossroads in their career, But, Alex’s attack on this confusion was brilliant. After thinking about her other passions in life and where else she could imagine herself, she kept turning to her love and ongoing appreciation for health and fitness.

When Alex speaks of this moment – you can just see how thankful she is that she had this “AH HA!” moment. The way she explains this breakthrough, you can almost feel that weight being lifted off her shoulders as she tells us the story. She came back home, commenced her Cert 4 in Fitness and merged her two most favourite worlds into one. Put so simply, she told us, “ fitness and food. It works. Let’s see what happens…”

The courageous move from one industry to another meant that she could merge the best of both. Alex is an advocate for flexible dieting. Her knowledge of health, exercise, dietary requirements and nutritious (tasty) food have allowed her to bring this diet approach to her clients – programs and recipes. It is an all-encompassing approach to health and if it wasn’t for her background in Culinary Management (thanks to William Blue), she might not have gotten to where she is now – helping people the way she does.

Being a chef, and knowing the finer details of food – taste, preparation and recipe development – it’s a wonder that there aren’t more people taking this approach or setting themselves on a path similar. Alex has well and truly demonstrated the never-ending opportunities and capabilities of a course like this. A career in Culinary Management can take you any number of places across the world working as a chef in the most amazing kitchen, and sometimes it won’t. On the odd occasion a career as a chef may take you somewhere completely different; somewhere you didn’t think possible, but all as a credit to the training you have had.


Congratulations on your success Alex, and thanks for showing us something from outside the box.

Watch the interview here…