Element – Cleo Sivris, Business Center Coordinator, Park Hyatt Sydney

I love working in the hotel industry because there are so many opportunities for me to travel the world and work at the same time!



“In high school, I studied food technology as my major and realised how passionate I was about hospitality. During this time, I was lucky enough to go away with my family and stay in beautiful hotels around the world. During these trips, I was always really intrigued about the hotel staff and how they interacted with guests.

There was one particular moment that stuck with me, I was staying in a hotel in Greece, and I fell really sick and had to wait in my hotel room until I got better. I was upset that I wasn’t able to go out and do activities with my family. However, one of the hotel staff, Aphrodite, knew that I was sick and brought me food every day and kept me company until I got better.

This experience made me feel so special and showed me what a powerful impact good customer service can have on someone and their time away from home. We are still friends to this day, and I always visit her when I return to Greece.

This experience and trips away with my family made me realised that I wanted to turn my passion for hospitality into a career so I can make people feel as special as I did when I was away.”

Cleo Sivris, Hospitality Management Online Alumni

Business Center Coordinator, Park Hyatt Sydney

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