William Blue Desserts

Executive Chef and Program Manager (Commercial Cookery), Jason Hannah, runs through the latest menu to land in William Blue Dining. Read where his inspiration has come from as he discusses the seasonal produce being showcased. For those of us who love exciting flavours (and let’s face it, who doesn’t), the latest signature dishes now being prepared by William Blue students tells us a story of where they have been and what they are learning.



Assiette of Mt Cook Salmon – I really wanted to showcase the Mt Cook Salmon. I believe it has one of the best flavours on the market. It’s also produce we have not previously featured in the restaurant, so is a challenge for the students to plate and present in a timely manner.


Baby Beetroot Tart – I was inspired to create this dish when I was on a recent field trip to Flemington Markets with students. We came across finger fennel, which is really sweet and subtle, but still with that nice lingering anise flavour. We wanted to showcase this against the baby beets, and created it with a deconstructed tart– try it!

Spanner Crab Linguini – This dish is so light and delicious. Perfect as we are heading into the hotter months.



Grilled Milly Hill Lamb – Everyone at William Blue Dining loves using Milly Hill Lamb! Peter and Graeme (the farmers who produce Milly Hill Lamb) are really passionate about their produce. I look to put it on the menu whenever possible – and what better time than spring. We are always looking to incorporate different cuts of lamb, and this time we were able to use the rack and the rump. Pairing them up with Jerusalem artichokes is perfect, as they are also in prime season.



Steamed John Dory Fillet – This dish is a take on a recipe that has been off and on the menu for years. It always finds its way back as it is very popular.

Roasted Truffled Chicken Breast – This chicken dish is another interpretation of one that reoccurs on our menu. We have tweaked it a little this time by adding the truffle paste and wrapping it in fat to keep it moist.




Chocolate Semi Freddo – The students and I wanted to play around with some different flavours and textures. Pairing the goat milk ice cream with honeycomb was an idea that came from watching a TV show. I thought both ingredients would work well. Customer reactions to this dish so far have been great!



Grilled Peach – Stone fruit season has begun, so peach was a perfect inclusion for the menu. We are matching them with small panna cottas instead of the traditional size. This is to lighten the dish. The peaches plate up really nicely and are the perfect way to finish a meal.

William Blue Desserts


The menu at William Blue Dining changes regularly, allowing students to use seasonal produce, whilst continually developing the skills and techniques they have learnt in the classroom, training kitchen, and on placement. William Blue Dining is open to the public for lunch and dinner. For more information about the restaurant, a full menu or to book a table, click here.