Top 5 tips for studying at William Blue College of Hospitality

Josh Marquez is a current student of ours studying Hospitality Management.

Check out his top 5 tips for making student life as easy as possible!

“The transition from high school to university can be quite a shock to the system. University will teach you to become independent and self-motivated. Simple things such as finding a cheap place to eat while on a study break or studying effectively without internet are all new challenges we need to overcome. As an undergraduate student, I faced many challenges while studying on campus so here are my top 5 tips to make students life a little easier.


Tip #1: Download PowerPoint presentations and readings prior to class

To become a successful full-time student, the recommended minimum hours of study is 10 hours per week. While this may be considered a full workload, finding the exact time to study around sport, work and other commitments can become difficult. Therefore, it is extremely important to study whenever and wherever you can. We live in a world full of technology where almost everyone has an apple or android product. However, sometimes it may be difficult to find Wi-Fi signals and will often lead to using mobile data. So, we are faced with two problems here: finding the time to study and finding great Wi-Fi services. The first tip for this challenge is to download weekly lecture Powerpoints and readings prior to the starting week. It allows you to study virtually anywhere such as a long-haul train ride to class, at the park or even at home with the wifi off to avoid distractions. This is a great habit to get into as the lecture slides and readings are the backbone to learning each topic in your course.


Tip #2: Familiarise yourself with your lecturers

Unlike most universities, William Blue has small lecture rooms with a capacity of about 30 students. This allows the classes to be more interactive which is super useful. Your lecturer will always help you in your studies which can lead to better marks in your assessment. It doesn’t mean becoming a “teacher’s pet” as some would say. It means to use them to your advantage. Some examples are having conversations about some readings or topics to focus on, asking to mark drafts or seeking a few pointers to look out for in assessments.


Tip #3: Walk to get to class on time

Have you ever been late because of public transport or lifts? Well, the quickest and most efficient way to class is to walk! If you can walk up and down the stairs, the quickest way from Circular Quay is to go through the ground floor entry opposite the wharf and take the stairs. This trip can be as short as 5 MINUTES! Walking is the cheapest way to get around the central city of Sydney. It is approximately 10 minutes to Wynyard station and only 15 minutes to Town Hall.


Tip #4: Bring food from home

If you are studying in the city, eating out can quickly make a dent in your bank account. Bringing food from home can lower certain expenses, particularly for a full-time student. Not only does this cut costs, but it also allows you to focus on a diet with special requirements. While studying on campus, I found it extremely difficult to find certain foods that suited my Ketogenic diet (High fat, low carb diet). This tip may not be used all the time as it is always great to treat yourself after some hard studying with classmates.

Tip 5#: Utilise your success coach

Success coaches are fundamental to your success in both study and life. This is because these are professionals that want to see you succeed and will do all they can to help you achieve your goals. They can talk to you about subject choices, work/life balance, and how to achieve your study and career goals. My success coach was useful for me, particularly with subject selections. I didn’t know what to pick or why I should pick them. After having a conversation, I picked a timetable which best suited me and my work/life balance.


So, there they are. I hope these tricks are as useful to you as they were for me!”


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