Why you should study at The Rocks Campus for Torrens University  

When most Australians think of the term ‘University’ what springs to mind is massive lecture rooms, libraries and countless hours of studying. But for William Blue students, The Rocks Campus for Torrens University is unlike no other. Together with stunning harbour views and vibrant city life, the campus presents students with a dynamic learning environment and yearly community events.

Here are my top five reasons why you should study at the Rocks Campus:

1. You have easy access to hundreds of restaurants and cafes surrounding the campus. Perfect for morning coffee goers looking to get their caffeine fix before class or foodies looking to grab a bite to eat between or after class. 

2. Unique open plan classrooms allow for small classes that encourage focused learning and interpersonal conversations between students and lecturers. The teachers lounge also provides students with a calm environment to talk with their lecturers at any time on campus.


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3. The campus is surrounded by the grooviest clothing shops and bars that are great social gathering spots between or after classes.


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4. Students have close access to nearly city events like the annual Vivid Sydney festival. Ideal to enjoy with fellow peers after class.


5. You have a variety of indoor and outdoor study locations at your fingertips. A two-minute walk can lead you to the perfect outside study area or the customs house library if the campus library gets busy.


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This article was written by Paris Lowe, Hospitality Management student.