William Blue College of Hospitality Management students have raised more than $12,000 for charity, thanks to an innovative subject that allows them to coordinate and run their own real world events.


Students studying for the Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Event Management undertaking the Event Planning and Event Implementation subjects were required to form teams, devise an event concept and essentially work as a company (including devising a company name company logo, mission statement and bank accounts). The classes were initially run with the teacher working as a lecturer, however throughout the duration of the course this changes to a flipped classroom, with the teacher acting as a facilitator and guide. The students ran their own team meetings with full agendas and minutes.


“This course has been designed to be extremely hands on and to give our students real world experience to ensure that they are work ready and highly employable when they graduate,” said Trish Powers, William Blue lecturer and creator of the course.


“The teams must organize and execute these events entirely from scratch. This means they have to learn to budget, select a venue, work as a team, fully document and create the event, manage time and act responsibly and follow through as any event team in business does.”


This trimester, each event team chose a specific charity to support as a community service. Duende Events selected Marist Youth Centre, creating a decadent Great Gatsby 1920’s themed dinner at Conca D’oro.


Larvae Events held a trivia night and dinner at Club Marconi, raising money for the Butterfly Foundation.


Speranta Events held a whimisical enchanted forest themed high tea – featuring games and activities – at William Blue Dining, raising funds for Campbelltown Ghost Scouts.

Six Soldats Events

Six Soldats held a charity cocktail party at the Harold Park Hotel, raising money for the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute. The event also included live music and entertainment, raffle prizes and a silent auction for guests.


Overall, the class raised $12,000 in total for their respective charities. For 2016 to date, the classes undertaking this subject have raised an incredible $54,000 for charity.


“One of the most positive outcomes of this course is that students develop valuable skills, including leadership and management skills, which will put them in great stead for their future careers in the industry. Most teams also get involved with their charities, helping out at fundraisers and meeting the people they are actually raising money for.


“Some of our students have been invited back to work at some of the major events run by these charities later in the year. We’ve also had some students who have been offered paid positions through network connections they have made while working on this project, which is great to see!


“As far as I am aware, William Blue is one of the only colleges which offers this type of total immersion, flipped class in event management. It’s concepts like these which are contributing to the employability of graduates today and we look forward to watching our students flourish future leaders of the industry,” Trish said.



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