7 tips on how to balance work and study (and still have a life!)

7 tips on how to balance work and study (and still have a life!)

Student life can be overwhelming and intense. For a couple of years, you’re basically juggling two full-time jobs and still trying to have some fun while doing it.

Maybe you’re thinking of starting a course in something new and you’re wondering if you can manage your time. Or, maybe you’re already studying, and you’re struggling to get the balance right.

Whatever your situation, we can all use a little helpful advice when it comes to juggling work, study, and life. Who better to ask than students who are already totally slaying it?

Tom and Sophie are both from Sydney, and they’re both studying a Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) at William Blue. They’re both working while studying (Sophie even has two part time jobs!) and they like to do fun stuff, like go out with friends, dance, play sport, and enjoy city life.

“One of the biggest challenges would probably be the end of trimester when final assessments are due from all subjects and things can get a little chaotic!” – Sophie

Tom and Sophie’s lucky seven tips on how to juggle study, work and life

  1. “I would definitely say invest in a diary. Go to Kmart or Typo and I am telling you it will be one of the best things you’ve purchased all year! Honestly, I’ve never used a diary before but I couldn’t survive without mine now, it is my second brain.” – Sophie 

  1. “Enjoy life, keep seeing friends, keep playing sport and be social – but, you need to allocate a day or two a week to just focus on uni work if you want to keep this balance.” – Tom 

  1. “Definitely take advantage of the free support. The academic coaches are amazing! They’ll proofread your assessment, go through guidelines with you and help you with your academic studies.” – Sophie 

  1. “I have a monthly calendar, where I write when my assessments are due. That way, I can see a bigger picture and judge how busy my next few weeks leading up to the assessment will be.” – Sophie 

  1. “Make time at uni useful and work hard there, so you can hang out on your days off and have a good time.” – Tom 

  1. “I’m the type of person who is crazy about colour coordination. My pack of highlighters is my lifesaver. If you’re a visual learner, then highlighting the days you have work, assessments or something important due is a must!” – Sophie 

  1. “One more tip, go and download the Blackboard app. I only recently got told about it and it is so handy. It’ll even send you reminders of any announcements that go up and when assessments are due.” – Sophie 

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