Studying at William Blue will open the door to a global career. You can choose from both higher education degrees, associate degrees and diplomas, with courses in hospitality, tourism and culinary management (commercial cookery).

We offer a highly practical and innovative hospitality management education, with all associate degree and bachelor courses including 800 hours of industry placement. Our students are work ready upon graduation, and are highly sought after: employers regularly come to us looking for future leaders to hire.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear directly from some of our hospitality students about the exciting places their careers have taken them since they graduated.

Lawrence Michot | Current Student, Associate Degree of Culinary Management

What struck me most about William Blue at Torrens University was the interaction the lecturers and faculty had with students. My passion for food led me to study Culinary Management, and my student life at William Blue so far has been great. The university facilitates a positive campus environment, a place where I can develop my skills and feel motivated by the enthusiastic people around me. It is comforting to know my lecturers are around and always there to provide guidance, be that in the kitchen or the classroom.

From a young age, I developed a fondness towards the hospitality industry. I was excited by the opportunities it created with diverse cultures and people all around the world. I chose to study with William Blue at Torrens University because I admired the open and flexible learning style, and reputation in the industry. I study mainly on campus, but I also have online study components. Studying at William Blue has provided me with the flexibility to balance work and studies. As an international student, I have benefitted greatly from the approachable faculty, lecturers and academic support teams on campus. My degree has provided me with the opportunity to broaden my knowledge about the hospitality industry, and attain a qualification to pursue my managerial goals.

Current Position: Head Bar Tender, Hilton Hotel Sydney

Thomas Ng | Current Student, Associate Degree of Culinary Management

When I decided I wanted to change my career path and become a chef, I felt I lacked the right knowledge and experience. I decided to study with William Blue at Torrens University because my chosen course covered everything I wanted to know and I was blown away by the quality of teaching staff. I enjoy connecting with my lecturers and peers face-to-face, it helps to enhance my learning experience. My lecturers are immensely experienced, knowledgeable and helpful. I found their skill set inspiring, and this encouraged me to want to study and do well in my course. William Blue is a great place to learn and experience what it is like to work and connect in the hospitality industry. It has provided me with the knowledge I needed to one day achieve my goal of opening up a restaurant.

Rosanne Arcadi | Current Student, Associate Degree of Culinary Management

I became interested in William Blue at Torrens University after attending the Open Day. The college stood out as a positive, inspiring and exciting place to be. I am in my first year of study and my time spent with William Blue has so far been rewarding. I currently study on campus and am a member of the Student Representative Council (SRC). My course offers me the opportunity to be very hands on, which I really enjoy. The college provides exceptional learning facilities, like academic support, open and applied learning and intimate learning spaces. Studying at William Blue has empowered me to become aware and knowledgeable about the industry. I have already built great relationships with my lecturers and classmates.

Lauren Coulter | Current Student, Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management)

"“In my fourth week of my first trimester, William Blue got us to volunteer at the Taste of Sydney Festival and on the last day of the festival I got the job at OTTO in Woolloomooloo, where I am now.”"

Multiple factors influenced my decision to study with William Blue at Torrens University. Together with courses that were tailored to my learning needs, I was impressed by William Blue’s industry connections and safe learning environment. I chose to study Culinary Management because it presented a variety of opportunities for career development and was an area I am very passionate about. I study on campus, full-time. Both the practical and applied learning I receive on campus is beneficial to my growth as a professional. The open learning style facilitates an intimate setting with lecturers and peers, enabling everyone to work cohesively and bounce ideas off one another.

I am learning skills that are helping me to reach my goals, and applying these skills to my current position as a chef at Otto Ristorante. William Blue helped me secure this position through a volunteer opportunity at the Taste of Sydney festival. At the festival, I worked at the Otto Ristorante stall, after the event I was offered a permanent position at their restaurant, only four weeks into my course. I am now one of their pastry chefs. William Blue focuses on real-life skills that you can utilise to gain connections and engage yourself in the industry.

Joshua Marquez | Current Student, Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management)

"I’ve learnt a lot about leadership through my scholarship at William Blue"

William Blue at Torrens University was highly recommended to me in high school, by my Careers Advisor and Hospitality teacher. Coupled with their noteworthy reputation and success rate in the industry, I decided to study at William Blue because I loved the flexibility on offer. I study online and on campus. Due to my busy schedule, I am able to balance my life outside of college like part-time work and sport commitments. William Blue makes it very manageable to work and study because of the resources and continual support from lecturers and student services.

Lecturers and tech support are very helpful with online study components. Live conference videos provide interactive lessons on topics to enhance learning abilities. Small and interactive classrooms have aided my transition into university. I am able to focus in a smaller environment, confidently express opinions in class discussions and apply my learning efficiently. The best thing about studying at William Blue is the flexible, interactive learning in an intimate environment. William Blue is a place of networking, where you can meet new friends and future work colleagues that aid your goals and ambitions within the hospitality industry.

Erika Furlanetto | Current Student, Associate Degree of Culinary Management

My passion for food, lead me to move to Australia and study Culinary Management. I discovered William Blue at Torrens University through recommendations by my friends. I was attracted to the dynamic ideas and thinking facilitated by the university, particularly the emphasis on practical learning, networking and industry placement. I study on campus and online, therefore I have the ability to maintain a balance between work, study and leisure. Studying on campus has enabled me to improve my communication skills and cultivate hands-on industry skills. Whilst online study is great when my schedule is tight, and I can only allocate certain hours in the day to study.

Through industry placement, I was able to identify my weaknesses and learn how to improve on them, as well as gain more confidence in my abilities as a professional. My lecturers at William Blue have had a positive impact on my student life. Their passion, drive and ability to pass these characteristics onto their students through their teaching is inspiring. William Blue has empowered me to become an industry professional and fulfill my career goal to become a chef and do what I love, cook and delight others.

Isaac Moussa | Current Student, Associate Degree of Culinary Management

Since a young age, I have had a robust passion for food. Prior to studying with William Blue at Torrens University, I studied Visual Communication and majored in Photography. However, after finishing my degree my desire to immerse myself in the culinary world still lingered. I chose to study at William Blue because it was different and that really appealed to me. I have long-term goals of opening my own restaurant, and William Blue offers me the foundation to do so. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work in William Blue Dining restaurant after only my first trimester, and now have one of my very own dishes on the menu.

After attending an event  William Blue at Torrens University when I was in year 10, I quickly established that this was where I wanted to attain my qualifications in hospitality and hotel management. I instantly felt a very homely, welcoming feeling upon starting my studies. My degree provides me with flexible learning and versatility in the industry. With this in mind, William Blue caters to the needs of all students, regardless of their learning needs or the area of industry they may be studying.

I study full-time on campus, at The Rocks. Studying on campus brings a relaxed, supportive environment as I have instant access to lecturers, student support, the learning hub and other campus facilities. William Blue facilitates a unique environment that is unlike most universities. An individual student is not one of hundreds in a lecture. Classes are small and each student and their voice matters. I have the flexibility to choose my timetable to suit my lifestyle and availability, making it much easier to balance out commitments outside of studying.

My lecturers are equipped with years of experience, giving students the skills and practical industry knowledge they require for their future careers. The highlight of university life so far is undoubtedly the people that I have met. I have been very fortunate to have forged some incredible bonds with amazing people on both a professional and personal level.

Damien Raspanti | Current Student, Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management)

I first stumbled across William Blue at Torrens University whilst searching for tertiary education avenues in high school. I chose to study at William Blue because I was enticed by the interactive learning systems on offer to students. Studying a Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management), allows me to combine my passion for business and hospitality. I study on campus because I enjoy the interactive atmosphere, as well as the friendly students and faculty. My lecturers provide outstanding applied learning, support and a hands-on attitude. William Blue facilitates a highly supportive learning environment that places an emphasis on learning and achieving study goals.

Paris Lowe | Current Student, Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management)

My passion and drive to pursue a career in hospitality developed in my senior year of high school. After receiving a full scholarship to William Blue at Torrens University, I was enthusiastic to start studying. I chose to study an associate degree in hospitality management because it provided various careers avenues in hotels, restaurants, cruise ships and events. I study on campus full-time, generally I will be on campus 2-3 days each week, depending on my timetable.

Studying on campus definitely gives me an advantage, as I am able to chat with my lecturers and campus support teams. They are always available as campus has an open door policy. The best thing about studying at William Blue is the people! I often speak to lecturers who don’t teach my subjects, they are very approachable and willing to provide advice to improve my studies. I am surrounded by passionate classmates who are equally eager to learn about the industry and help each other along the way.

I first heard about William Blue at Torrens University through my hospitality teacher in high school. I chose to study at the university because I was attracted to the practical and hands-on course approach, and the overall friendly and positive nature of the students and faculty. I currently study online, and work at the Park Hyatt Sydney – as a result of a referral by William Blue’s Industry Consultant. William Blue provides the flexibility I need to balance my work and studies, and the hands-on training and knowledge I can apply directly to my job. My time with William Blue has given me the confidence and ability to grow within the industry.

Current Position: Business Centre Coordinator, Park Hyatt Sydney

Katherine Horvath | Current Student, Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management)

"All my teachers are incredibly supportive and approachable. "

After leaving high school and working in the tourism industry, I wanted to further my knowledge to allow me to progress to a management position. I started my degree with William Blue at Torrens University because they offered industry relevant topics, interesting electives and lecturers who have worked for many years in the industry. The open learning system provided flexible study options on campus and online, enabling me to maintain balance between my part-time work schedule and study life. I have loved the delivery of this course, specifically interacting with industry professionals whom conducted engaging talks in class to help us understand our topics further.

Mick Wright | Current Student, Bachelor of Culinary Management

Prior to switching careers and entering into the hospitality industry, I was recommended William Blue at Torrens University by numerous co-workers and friends. I decided to study Culinary Management at William Blue because of their high caliber of staff, lecturers, chefs and support teams. I currently study on campus because I like the dynamic and open learning environment. The course syllabus facilitates invaluable hands-on learning experiences, through practical classes with highly qualified chef lecturers and group assignments that provide opportunities to discuss and research the various aspects of cooking, rather than just learning from a textbook.

Learning and interacting amongst passionate and like-minded students is also a bonus and a means of further encouragement. Through studying at William Blue I was provided with copious work placement opportunities to refine my skills, like volunteering at the Taste of Sydney festival. Experiences like this, were great eye openers. I have since been offered paid work, and assisted in the kitchen at an onsite catered event. The college facilitates a highly supportive learning environment, empowering me to accomplish my study goals. The wealth of experience that has been passed onto me and my fellow classmates has been second to none.

Naomi Borg | Current Student, Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management)

In my senior years of high school, I developed a strong fondness towards hospitality. Shortly after attaining qualifications in kitchen operations, I wanted to build my skills set further. To take this next step I decided to enroll with William Blue at Torrens University. I chose to study at William Blue because I was drawn to their flexible learning structure. What caught my eye most, was their emphasis on industry placement, and preparing their students for post-study life through work experience.

William Blue is unique; there were no other schools that could offer me work placement that was suited to what I wanted to do in the future. My lecturers are very inspiring, particularly because of their remarkable career accomplishments like working overseas in luxurious five-star hotels. The best part about studying with William Blue are the opportunities for career development. The college facilitates numerous career days and information meetings that are great for students like me who want to get ahead.

Current Position: Guest Services, Sebel Hawkesbury Resort and Spa

Demi Butler | Current Student, Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management)

"Flexible study options"

My pathway to tertiary education and discovering my passion was unlike most students. Initially I studied nursing, but soon realised this wasn’t the industry for me. As a result, I went travelling and discovered hospitality was where my true passion lied. Research lead me to William Blue at Torrens University, where I took the leap into hospitality. What interested me most, was the freedom to choose how I could study and tailoring it to my needs.


I decided to study at William Blue after I learnt that I could attain the qualification I wanted, while still working and obtaining the industry experience I needed. I studied my Associate Degree on campus, full time, and then decided I wanted to continue learning. I am now studying my Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) online, part-time. I have never been a theoretical leaner, which is why my current hands on degree appealed to me. I am able to work full-time and meet my goals and timelines in the industry, whilst still contributing to my studies.

When I began online study, I was fearful that I would not be able to access the support and help I needed. However, it was quite the opposite! My lecturers and fellow students were readily available to provide assistance whenever I needed it. Studying on campus was also an experience that exceeded my expectations. Classes were small, and my lecturers were very approachable, refreshing compared to the university I had previously attended where the class sizes were about 700. The best aspect about studying at William Blue, are the lecturers and students. The career advice and support I have received, has made such a difference to where I currently am in the hotel industry.

Current Position: Reservations & Groups Supervisor at Rydges Sydney Central

Rebekah Sharpe | Current Student, Bachelor of Business (Tourism Management)

After high school I took some time to decide whether I would pursue further study. Once I discovering William Blue at Torrens University there was no hesitation, I knew it was the place where I wanted to be. Travel has always been a key part of my life, so studying Tourism Management made sense. I chose to study at William Blue because of their emphasis and dedication towards industry experience. I was impressed by the noteworthy connections within the industry. I currently study on campus; the smaller class sizes have allowed me to gain the confidence to ask questions and contribute to group discussions. I have been able to really connect with my lecturers and peers.

My lecturers have made a tremendous impact on my studies. I relish in their incorporation of real life examples in our class discussions, based on the topics being studied. Not to mention, our course structure does not focus on essays or exams. Rather, our learning is structured around practical assessments that replicate real life business scenarios. I feel confident that what I am learning is valuable and will apply in my working life.

A major focus at William Blue is helping students discover the right career path through industry work experience, whilst they are still studying. The college has been very helpful with all my volunteer experiences, either putting me in direct contact with the organiser, or by organising positions themselves. William Blue is a wonderful place to study and immerse yourself. Their dedication to student education and encouraging students to harness real world skills is outstanding!

Cameron Thorpe | Current Student, Associate Degree of Business (Hospitality Management)

"The opportunities are endless with the College’s strong industry connections."

My mentor in High School suggested that I apply for a scholarship and spoke to me about William Blue College. I felt as though the Hospitality Management degree gave me flexibility within such a fast changing industry. The practical experience that William Blue taught me allowed me to progress within my workplace and feel confident in my abilities. I now work within the industry at Park Hyatt Sydney hotel. William Blue gives me the flexibility, support and ongoing encouragement to balance my studies and succeed in my career. The friends I’ve made in college will be lifelong friends, some of them currently working with me at the hotel. We are able to support each other through work with love, care and motivation.