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The following piece is written by Naomi Borg, Hospitality Management Student

The word scholarship often scares people, leaving future students wondering and asking ‘am I good enough?’ ‘What if I don’t receive one? ‘Why?’ Why do you let such a fun, rewarding, outgoing word worry and doubt your abilities?

So, what if you don’t receive a scholarship – you tried and you’re still studying at the University of your dreams.

Being a scholarship winner for my studies within the college has truly been a dream come true.

It has been rewarding, fun and has allowed me to put passion and empathy into something I love. Having a scholarship requires responsibility within the campus, this can include, promoting student events, being a support person for all students and being the face of the university.

Being a scholarship award holder has also provided me with following opportunities outside of the campus:

  • On campus events
  • Photoshoots
  • Run social media and campaigns
  • Student Representative Council, and
  • SRC events such as fundraisers and parties

Whilst being able to attend the days mentioned above it has also allowed me to work alongside with a team of students and has offered endless friendships. I have also been able to interact and network with lectures and have been given fantastic expose to upcoming career opportunities, guided by them.

So, if you still questioning whether to apply for a scholarship the answer is: yes!

I can speak for myself and the other students who have received this rewarding experience and can say it has made our university studies 10 times better.

Apply for that scholarship, take those risks because you never know what’s going to happen and you could writing something similar like this, right now.

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